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CO2 Glass Diffuser

CO2 Glass Diffuser

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CO2 glass plant atomizer Diffuser.  This product is perfect for planted tanks where CO2 is injected for rapid plant growth.  CO2 reduces Algae growth and increases plant growth a must for those luxious green gardens you see online.

Product Description:

  • Item Type:CO2 Diffuser
  • Material:Glass
  • Feature:Non-toxic
  • Size:6 cm/2.36"*2 cm/0.79"
  • Color:White
  • Check Tap: It has the function that prevents the water from pouring into the oxygen pump to protect oxygen pump.
  • CO2 glass refiner: The body is made of high-quality glass, which is resistant to acid and alkali and free from corrosion, and it has high transparency.
  • With a curved glass connecting pipe, the exterior is small and beautiful and does not occupy space.
  • Can significantly increase the dissolution rate of CO2 and high diffusion efficiency.
  • Note: glass products are beautiful but fragile, please use carefully, do not use brute force to insert the tube, so as not to break the glass tube, it is suggested that the pipe head is scalded to soft by boiling water before inserting the tube.
Package Includes:
  • 1 x CO2 Glass Refiner
  • 1 x Check Tap
  • 1 x U-shape Tube
  • 1 x Sucker